The Empty Page

The scariest thing for me, as a wannabe writer, is the empty page. I know that every piece of writing needs to start with one, but when I think of that damn white page staring back at me, I feel this urgent desire to do anything else but writing.

What helps me to get past this fear is the first word, the one that I manage to write down eventually. This, and then the second one. These two will bring their friends, and without even realizing it, a few hours pass and I find myself looking at a page full of information.

What’s interesting is that I found this applies to almost everything we need to do in life. No matter how long is the road ahead, it will always start with a first step. And then another. We only need to find the strength to make that first one. The next ones will come.


Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash


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